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Principles of Effective Logo Design

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned pro, one thing remains true for everyone: effective logo design is vital in building brand awareness and growing sales. A well-designed logo can help a business establish a positive relationship with the target audience, which for you would mean your ideal wedding couples. However, a poorly designed logo fails to communicate a corporate message and, as a result can hurt business. Be sure to follow our 5 Principles of Logo Design below to ensure your logo is helping you gain brand awareness and market share in your industry!

5 Principles of Logo Design


One of our favorite principles of logo design is – Simplicity! Your logo needs to be easily recognizable immediately. The key to creating a recognizable logo is to keep your logo simple. If there are too many complex shapes, colors, and design elements your brand name and message can easily be hard to define. By utilizing clean and simple fonts, colors, and images you can clearly demonstrate who you are, what goods or services you provide as well as your design aesthetic. Of course, if you want to add one or two bold elements to the design, we are here for it, just avoid overcomplicating the imagery and messaging.


An excellent logo is one that can be printed in various sizes and colors. Your logo should be versatile enough to be displayed on a variety of marketing materials, ranging in size and shape. Being able to resize your main logo and having secondary logos are essential to ensure you can promote your brand through any form: Digital, Print, etc.


Think about your logo as a quick 3-5 second visual pitch for your business. What emotions and messages are you hoping your audience will get out of your logo? Are you a photographer who wants your potential clients to feel at ease, before ever having met you? If so, consider using soft or muted color tones and a simple font to leave out any complexities. This will demonstrate to your clients that you are easy to work with and understand. Have a much louder and energetic floral company? Consider using bright and bold fonts to demonstrate a lively energy about your business. And remember, messaging doesn’t always mean copy – the best messaging can sometimes be demonstrated through imagery.


An effective logo should be memorable. This key principle relates back to the principles of the simplicity and messaging of your logo. Memorability is enhanced by the efficiency of your messaging and the simplicity of your design. Think about it this way: if you and your competitor are both at the same expo and potential customers see both of your logos the same number of times, how can you make your logo more memorable?


Just like your business, your logo should be designed to last! Avoid popular trends and tastes to ultimately help your logo stand the test of time. If you were to design and adopt a trendy logo you will risk having to rebrand again in another couple of years as the trends change. Having a timeless logo will build brand recognizability and consistency over the many years of your business.

Now that we have reviewed these 5 principles take some time to review your current logo. does your logo need an update? Should you just switch out a few fonts and colors to enhance the overall feeling or is it time to call in a pro? If it’s time to turn over this project to a professional, reach out to us today so we can help you build that brand (and logo) you love!


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