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Great Color Pairings for Wedding Brands

Color palette branding is important because it is the first component of your brand that people notice. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80% and is found to be one of the most important factors in wedding couples purchasing decisions. So, what does that mean to you? The 3-8 colors you select to make up your brand palette will represent how wedding couples will perceive your company's personality. If you are new to the industry or looking to rebrand your business, get inspired by a few of our favorite color combinations for wedding brands below!


This stormy color palette is perfect for any wedding professional who wants to be known for their edgy flair. This palette is gentle enough to appeal to a wide range of people while also being distinctive enough to make you stand out from competitors.

HEX Color Codes: #9DA2AE, #A4A3A1, #916848

Earthy Romance

This palette is serving us all the earthy romantic vibes making this perfect for the wedding professional who wants to be renowned for having a natural, eco-friendly touch while still remaining dreamy and whimsical.

HEX Color Codes: #EADAD0, #D0C9B5, #A8AD97

The Neutrals

Give us all the neutrals! Neutrals are a terrific way to give your brand a sense of warmth and stability, making it more appealing to wedding couples. If you're a laid-back wedding professional who wants your clients to feel comfortable entrusting you with their wedding day, this is the palette for you!

HEX Color Codes: #9D674C, #E9E1D8, #FFFFFF

Regal, Baby

This palette, which features a rich navy blue and a gentle blush, is all about regality. This color scheme is ideal for luxury wedding vendors that want to project a magnificent, noble, and glamorous image.

HEX Color Codes: #585F79, #EAD8D2, #E7E9EC

If you've gone through these palettes and still haven't discovered the color combinations that you love and believe suit you and your brand, get in touch with us for a custom branding package! In The Details Marketing is passionate about assisting other wedding professionals in building a brand that they love.


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