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How to Build a Brand you Love: Branding Tips for Wedding Professionals

Today’s wedding marketing is flooded with thousands of other wedding professionals, making standing out amongst your competitors difficult. One way to help differentiate yourself is by creating a brand that stands out and attracts attention!

What is a brand?

Brands are more than just a company name and a logo, but they are instead a business concept that helps people identify who you are and what your company values. Brands are the way wedding professional are perceived by potential clients, or ideal wedding couples. Customers are more likely to choose your product or service over that of your competitors if you have a strong brand identity.

Steps to Creating Your Wedding Professional Brand

Research your target wedding couple

Narrowing in on your ideal wedding couple is the first stage in building a powerful wedding professional brand. Do you prefer to work with high-end, lavish brides that have a large budget? Or do you prefer more a DIY Wedding Couple who cares more about value rather than design? Because different sorts of wedding couples have different values, it's critical to define your target client to create a brand that your ideal customer can relate to.

Pick your focus and personality

Another tool you have to help you appeal to your ideal couple is your brand's purpose and personality. A more professional toned wedding professional may be preferred by higher-end wedding couples over a planner with a more casual brand personality. Staying true to your own personality is the best method to develop a genuine brand personality and focus.

Choose your business name

It's time to choose a name now that you've determined your target market, brand emphasis, and personality! Will you go by your personal name, such as Olivia Schew Photography, or something more descriptive of your brand, such as In The Details Wedding Planning? Pro Tip: Before settling on a name, conduct some preliminary research on Google to ensure that there isn't already a business with the same name.

Choose the look of your brand

Our favorite part of the process is up next – Colors and Fonts! When it comes to brand typefaces, it's ideal to stick to three: one for the headline, one for the subheadings, and one for the body material. While brand fonts can convey a lot of information in your messaging, brand colors can elicit emotions. Choosing the proper color palette for your brand will not only help it stand out, but it will also elicit powerful reactions from your ideal wedding couple.

Design your logo

A logo is a combination of text and graphics that tells people your business’s name while also creating a visual symbol that expresses your values and personality. An excellent logo is memorable, distinguishes you from the competition and encourages brand loyalty. For help with your logo design, check out our blog on Principles of Effective Logo Design here.

Apply your brand identity across your business platforms and marketing collateral

Now that you have created your bran identity it’s time for the reveal! Apply your brand identity across all social media platforms, marketing materials, and company collateral. Also consider hosting a brand reveal party or launch a new branded social media campaign – after all, you’ll want to show off the results of all your hard work!

Establishing an understanding of how you define your brand and what it means to your business will help guide both your brand and your wedding business forward. With alignment around what makes your brand unique, you can build a marketing strategy around your new branding and allow your business to reach a higher potential than you may have though possible. Taking the time to strategize your brand, how you define it, what it means, and how it affects your business can be really beneficial!

Building a brand takes time, so if you're short on time and want one of our professionals to help you create a brand you’ll love, while standing out from your competitors, contact us today!


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