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How to Position Your Wedding Brand

Brand positioning is the space a company occupies in the mind of a customer and how it distinguishes itself from competitors. When positioning your brand it is key to truly understand your company, what it stands for, and what it offers that is unique. Once you have established your position you'll be able to authentically market your wedding business and your clients will know what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. Work through the four questions below to help you determine your brand's position.

1. What types of weddings and clients do you love the most?

Do you love luxurious high-end weddings? Or are you more of an elopement type of vendor? Is your ideal client a young, fun and casual couple or an older couple with refined taste? Consider the types of weddings and couples you enjoy working with and use language and images in your branding that will appeal to this demographic.

2. What are you better at than your competitors?

Of course, it is important to promote what makes you better than your competitors, couples want to know they are spending their money on the best option available to them. Maybe what makes you better is you offer more services for the same price, or that you always respond to client emails within a few hours, think about what you makes you valuable and unique and promote those qualities to potential clients.

3. What unique market niche can you dominate?

Is there a certain type of customer you enjoy working with that other vendors may turn away from? Or do you have an "in" with a certain community or group that others may not have the same access to? These are additional questions to help asses what your unique market niche may be.

4. What is your customer’s biggest pain points and what makes you unique while solving those issues?

If you can figure out what your customers biggest pain points are you can speak to how your services solve their problems better than your competitors. Be sure to emphasize specific solutions you offer in your marketing materials and consultations. These solutions may include specific similar problems you have helped other couples overcome or planning software and portals available to clients, for example.

The most important thing to remember when positioning your brand is to be authentic to who you are and what type of consumer fits best with your business. Through authentic connections and understanding your ideal client you will be able to position your brand and out perform competitors in your same market segment.

If you are interested in our Brand Development and Positioning package, please contact us so that we can assist you in determining who your target wedding couple should be and how to specifically promote your business to them.


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