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5 Characteristics of an Elopement Couple

In 2020, the wedding industry experienced its highest increase in elopements EVER! While many would dismiss this as a passing fad, we believe it is here to stay. With rising competition for the best wedding venues and the ever-changing regulations of post-covid weddings, we believe this is a trend that will continue. If you have previously enjoyed working with elopement wedding couples or are looking to expand your offerings, consider the elopement couple as a target consumer. Still not sure if you should market to eloping couples? Check out our 5 elopement couple characteristics below to see if they align with your values!

5 Characteristics of an Elopement Couple

Values the Experience and Adventure

One thing we love about elopements is that the couples who choose to elope are those who have a sense of adventure and a love of life in their hearts. These couples typically choose venues and vendors who fit a similar style and have a similar attitude. They also prefer to be immersed in the experience and intimacy of the day rather than being shuffled through normal formalities: from photos to dinner, back to photos, onto table greetings, and then formal dances. Immersion in an adventurous experience for two is exactly what these couples seek. Are you an adventurer and a lover of love? If that's the case, you might want to consider focusing your business on elopement wedding couples.

Focused on Them and Their Love

Most elopement couples desire a day that symbolizes their romance. They're couples who cherish a once-in-a-lifetime adventure together. They understand that the memories they make aren't based on the décor or traditions they incorporated on their wedding day, but rather on the experience of being together and focusing on each other’s love.

Intimacy is Important

Elopements are perfect for couples seeking intimate moments and relationships with their guests and vendors. And, because we know that intimacy is valued, it is critical to develop strong and meaningful relationships with these couples through every interaction, digitally and in person. They already feel the passion and love of their own relationship and choose to share it with you in an intimate way on one of the biggest days of their lives. If you can create a deep connection with these couples during your initial consultation and supplemental marketing materials, they will undoubtedly want you on their wedding day!


Simplicity is key with Elopement couples. These brides and grooms have most likely chosen an elopement over an extravagant wedding because they don’t want to deal with the headache and logistics of planning a lavish wedding. When speaking with these couples, consider how you can promote simplicity in the process of working with you and how you can make their special day stress-free.

Budget Conscious

Elopement couples are usually very conscious of where and how they spend their money. These couples typically choose elopements so they can reduce the size of their wedding guest list, ultimately spending more money on the vendors they value, as larger guest counts are typically associated with a higher overall budget. Elopement couples usually don't mind splurging on amazing florals or epic photos as long as it's one of their most important aspects of the day.

If your idea wedding client isn't the elopement bride, be sure to check back in a couple of weeks and comment what type of client profile you would like us to explore next. We will be doing these wedding client profiles regularly on the blog and would love to help you identify and market to your ideal wedding couple!


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