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15 Reels Ideas For Wedding Pros

Today, we are so excited to jump into a topic that has helped grow our clients Instagram presence an insane amount over the last year - that's right, we are talking about INSTAGRAM REELS! If you aren't familiar with Reels or just don't know where to even start, we have some tips for you today on how to get started.

What is a Reel?

First let's talk about what a Reel even is. Reels are short-style, engaging videos that allow you to exhibit your creativity while also bringing your business to life. People visit Reels to take part in cultural trends, engage with the community, and learn about new ideas. What does this mean for you as a wedding pro? Newly engaged couples are now turning to Reels to learn more about wedding services as well as discover vendors in their area. And although many wedding pros aren't in love with the idea of showing their face on camera and doing a funny little dance, there is much more to Instagram Reels and there are plenty of options that don't even require you to be seen on screen.

15 Ideas for Your Wedding Pro Reels

If you are ready to explore the world of Reels and build that brand you love explore our 15 Reels ideas for you below! And for those of you who aren't comfortable showing your face on camera be sure to look for the * next to the Reel type, as those require no funny dancing or talking!

1. Before and After*

Whether you are a wedding planner showing an event space empty and then full of beautiful décor and design elements, or a photographer showing raw vs. edited images the before and after style Reel is perfect for demonstrating who you are and what you can create!

2. How To's

Take this opportunity to teach your audience something. Think of the questions you get asked the most and answer those through a short video Reel.

3. Introduce yourself or your services

Reels are a great place for your audience to connect with you and learn more about your business. Although we don't like to hear it, as raw and real you can be in the video the better. Humans love to connect with other humans on an imperfect and empathetic level, so show your audience who you truly are and see those follows from your target audience roll in.

4. Show off your latest project*

Keep your followers engaged and up to date on your newest accomplishments. From large elaborate installs to simple tabletop florals show your followers projects big and small!

5. Photo Reels*

If you swipe through Instagram Reels long enough you will see videos where photographs flash through on beat with a trending piece of audio. These are the perfect option for vendors who aren't wanting to show their faces on screen but want to show off your best work. Find tutorials for these types of Reels by searching #ReelsTutorials on Instagram.

6. Behind the Scenes

Potential clients see so much of our finished work but don't see all of the time and effort that goes into producing your beautiful works of art. Take this opportunity to show your audience behind the scenes of an event day, which will ultimately demonstrate your value and worth!

7. Sneak Peek*

Do you have a fun new wedding album you are about to post to your site or a killer floral arrangement that you can't wait to show off? Get more content out of one event by showing a sneak peak of what's to come. This will also encourage followers to check back for the big reveal!

8. Use Trending Audio to Make Your Audience Laugh

If being funny and charismatic are two of your strengths consider going for the laugh factor! Scroll through Instagram Reels to get creative ideas on how to make your audience laugh. This is always one of our favorite audio tracks for this style of Reel.

9. Feature Products You Love

Show your audience your worth by featuring high end products that you use to deliver your final product or during the creation process. For a wedding planner that might be talking through the benefits of booking with them, as you'll get access to your state of the art software. Or if you are a makeup artist show off why the products you use are the best option for your brides wedding day.

10. Feature Budget Hacks in Your Niche

We all know that wedding couples love to find a deal or any way for them to cut costs on their big day. A florist may want to explain why working with in season flowers will help with your overall floral budget or a rental company may suggest repurposing your ceremony chairs for reception. Demonstrating that you can help couples save costs, while achieving the same result will give you quite a bit of credibility!

11. Expectation vs Reality*

Now, we love love love this one! Clients always think that working in the wedding industry is glitz and glam (which, honestly a lot of it is) BUT we all know how hard vendors work bringing their clients visions to life. While we don't suggest complaining about how tired you are or showing all of your recent fails we do suggest not being afraid to show your vulnerable side here.

12. Time-lapses

We love a good time-lapse - Whether it be building out 30 centerpieces for your next 300 person wedding or a showing a quick time-lapse of some wedding day glam, people love to see the whole process!

13. Text Based Content*

Reels don't have to be something elaborate and crazy. Consider creating a text based video to a moving background to inform your clients on new promotions, offers, or just tips based on your offerings.

14. A Day in the life

We love this idea to help relate more with your couples. Show them the in's and out's of your day. Show them a clip of today's client meeting or even just you sitting on your computer editing photos for hours on ends. Show them who you are and how hard you work for your clients!

15. Hop on an Industry Trend

Trends are huge with Instagram Reels. From audio clips to dance moves, hoping on trends can help get your Reels more exposure. As a helpful hint, look for the up arrow next to the audio source on Reels you see. If is has this arrow that means it is currently trending and you may want to incorporate it in your next Reel!

Now that you're ready to start working on those Reels, it's time to step up your whole social media presence! Contact Us today for a social media assessment with specific growth ideas, or if the concept of social media is still overwhelming to you, discover more about our social media management + content creation services!


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