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What Do I Post Where?

Like many small biz wedding pros, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing world of social media and may not even know where to begin. So, today we are breaking down what content types do best on what social media platforms to help get you started and keep you inspired.

Instagram is great for:
  • Inspiration: Keep your followers up to date on latest trends and daily inspiration content to keep them engaged.

  • Contests + giveaways : We’re sure you have seen these giveaways that encourage liking, commenting, and sharing content. This is a great strategy for growing your following on Instagram.

  • New projects and products: Showcase new offerings and products on your posts, stories, and/or reels. By showcasing the new offering in multiple places on the platform you can increase product visibility, increasing the likelihood that a potential consumer will see your work.

Facebook is great for:
  • News and Updates: Keep clients and potential wedding couples up to date on your latest PR stories, updates, and news articles.

  • Promotions: Consider promoting your page or posts on Facebook to gain more visibility to potential clients. Promote content like new offerings, discounts or recent projects.

  • Events: Create events for potential clients and other vendors to see your work. Be sure to create an event page, allowing Facebook users to comment, ask questions and RSVP surrounding the activity.

Twitter is great for:
  • Daily Updates: Provide Twitter users with daily updates, tips and tricks. Twitter users like to engage on a regular basis.

  • News Announcements: Spread the word about new and interesting updates surrounding your business.

  • Trends: What are the hottest upcoming trends or what hashtags are trending on Twitter that you can engage with? Twitter has been notorious for predicting and influencing many wedding trends.

Pinterest is great for:
  • Inspiration: I know I go to Pinterest for inspiration, so why wouldn’t our potential clients? Post your most inspiring and captivating photos of your most recent events.

  • Visual Guides: Users also commonly refer to Pinterest for visual help guides. The topics for these infographics can range from a simple How To, to providing answers to commonly asked questions.

  • New Products + Projects: These go hand in hand with posting inspiration style posts. Show your most engaging content surrounding your new products and projects to inspire viewers to move forward with you and your services.

Now that you know what type of content does well on what type of social media platform, it’s time to get planning! We always suggest pre-planning social content with websites like Planoly, Hootsuite and Loomly or hiring one of our social media pros to strategize, manage, and maintain your social profiles. By pre-planning or hiring a pro, it provides you with more time to do what you love most – prepping for and executing more weddings!


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