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Elements of a Wedding Brand

Brand components are the distinctive features of your brand, including but not limited to your name, logo, and color schemes, that help to establish a consistent, identifiable image for your company. Branded features can help you stand out from your competitors and tell your audience what you do and what makes your offerings unique. Below we have included a list of all of the elements to keep in mind when branding your wedding business!

What Elements Should be Included in Our Brand Guide?

Brand Name: A brand name is a the name of your company. This will help your potential clients identify you and your brand.

Mission + Vision Statements: Mission and vision statements are imperative in defining who your brand is and where you want to go. A vision statement focuses on the future and what a company aspires to be. A mission statement is concerned with the present and what an organization is doing to attain it.

Brand Positioning: Brand positioning outlines how a brand differs from its competitors and where it sits in the minds of buyers. Are you a high-end editorial wedding photographer looking hoping to work with luxury wedding couples, or a budget-conscious florist looking for a DIY bride? The sort of clientele you attract will be influenced by how you present your brand.

Brand Personality: A brand personality is a set of human traits that are associated with a brand name. An effective brand builds brand equity by exhibiting a consistent set of characteristics that a given market segment values. This personality is a qualitative value-add that a brand receives in addition to its functional advantages. As a result, a brand personality is something that the consumer can identify with.

Target Audience - Demographics + Psychographics: Your target audience is the sort of clients you want to meet and book. Understanding the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client is critical for properly positioning your brand to appeal to them.

Word Clouds + Messaging Language: Word clouds show the relative value of the brands keywords in a visually pleasing way. This graphic, which is made up of varied size and color words, assists the business owner in visualizing the words that join together to form their entire brand.

Logos- Primary, Secondary, Text Only, Favicon: Logos are visuals that are used to help in the identification and recognition of your brand. A good logo is distinguishing, suitable, practical, visual, and straightforward in design, and it expresses the brands intended message.

Color Palette: The colors in your brand color palette will be used in your logo, on your website, in your business cards, and all other marketing materials. Before deciding on brand colors, do some research on the various feelings that different colors elicit. It is critical in the wedding industry to select a visually appealing color palette that informs the client more about who you are. Consider bright and bold colors if you are a spunky catering company, or soft pastels and relaxing hues if you are a relaxed wedding photographer.

Typography: Typography is the way text is arranged and presented on your marketing materials. Be sure to select main, secondary and accent fonts for your brand.

Photography Guidelines: The photography style utilized in your brand should express the business's unique values and personality. When utilizing photographs to market your business, use images that reflect your beliefs and work style. If you want to attract high-end luxury couples, only showcase your finest work, which should be represented by clean and professional photographs.

Social Media Networks to Focus On: This is an element of branding that commonly gets forgotten. Not all social media networks will be right for you and your business. Research what type of content does well on what social media platforms to see what sites work best for you and your marketing goals. (As a shortcut - refer to our What Do I Post Where? Blog Post)

To summarize, your many brand features all work together to make your brand distinct. Consider what you provide, spend time getting to know your clients, and start creating to give your company a distinct style. If you are still feeling stuck on where to begin or how to create a competitive brand contact us now! We offer branding packages available for all price ranges and cannot wait to help you build a brand you love!


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