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Instagram Aesthetics: 10 Pro Tips to Stand Out & Increase Exposure on Instagram

We all know that social media may assist drive revenue, but few people understand how. The sales process actually begins with your potential client's first encounter with your profile. Follow these 10 Instagram recommendations to stand out from your competitors and gain more online exposure!

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1. Know your audience and what they're looking for

When people visit your page, the best way to build a relationship with them is to give them something of value. Consider focusing your content around design inspiration if you're an industry trend leader and your followers come to you for design inspiration. Or show off your expertise in the field of wedding florals by providing pro tips and content that your followers will find useful.

2. Use branded templates

Branded templates are an excellent way to raise brand awareness. Use your brand's fonts and colors as much as possible in your profile, as well as in Instagram Stories and Reels.

3. Use a planning app to see how everything fits together long run

Make sure your Instagram feed as a whole is pleasing to the eye and that everything is in order. Make use of planning software to help you visualize your feed ahead of time. Having a feed that displays your work in a consistent manner will give potential clients a better sense of who you are and what you do.

4. Consider Scale

Consider the size of the image when posting it. If you have a photo of a couple that is very close up, consider putting it next to a photo with subjects that are further away. For a more eye-catching profile, alternate back and forth.

5. Update your highlight covers, bio and profile image

Are your brand's fonts, colors, and photography guidelines being followed? To improve your online recognizability, keep everything consistent and on brand.

6. Stay true to your brand

Similar to the point above, remain on-brand at all times. Keep everything consistent with your brand's personality and values, from the images you post to the words you use in your captions.

7. Consider a mix of detailed images and images with people in them

Wedding couples prefer to see a mix of inspirational images where they can image that it is their wedding. Post a mix of both photos of people or photos of inspirational wedding designs to keep your followers coming back for more.

8. Place consistent photos with one another

Consider grouping photos that are edited in the same style if you're a wedding professional who gets content from a variety of photographers. Instead of posting a dark and moody photo next to a light and airy photo, start by posting your moody albums and gradually develop your feed into more light and airy photos. This will ensure that your feed is consistent and that your followers' eyes flow smoothly from one photo to the next.

9. Remember Instagram shows 3 posts side by side (make sure those go with the content posted before and after) this will help with a nicer transition as they scroll the feed

Remember that your photos will be arranged in rows of threes. This relates to our previous point about ensuring that each photo flows smoothly into the next by using similar editing styles and overall photo feeling.

10. Mix up content types

To keep your profile viewers engaged, use a variety of content types. For a more dynamic feed, combine carousels, graphic style posts, testimonials, still photos, videos, and Reels.

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to make your social media feed look more cohesive. If you're still unsure or need assistance getting your social media channel to generate revenue, contact us right away for a social media audit or to learn more about our social media content creation and management services.


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