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All about Call To Action + 15 Examples You Can Use Now

What Is a Call to Action or CTA?

At the end of your post captions, use call to actions to ask your followers to do something. This is significant because if people are not asked to take action, the likelihood of them doing so on their own is minimal. A strong call to action not only persuades people to act, but also advises them on what to do and how to do it.

Where and Why Should You Use a CTA?

CTAs should be utilized on any marketing material, including social media posts and articles, newsletters, and website copy. Every piece of content produced by a brand should have a specific end goal in mind. The purpose could be to reach out to new individuals, reconnect with current followers, promote a product, drive traffic, or anything else. A CTA is the best approach to get people to take action in order to achieve that goal.

While CTAs sometimes can appear overly clear and almost demanding, this isn't always the case. Because our attention span on social media is so short and shallow, it's critical to convey what you mean and what you expect your followers to do with the information.

Consider the following example: "I published a new new blog blog article about San Diego Wedding Venues" vs. "Our new blog "San Diego Wedding Venues" is now live on our website! Click the link in our bio to view some of our favorite best-kept-secret San Diego locations!" The second choice encourages the reader to act on the new information you've supplied, which has been found to increase overall engagement!

Examples of Call to Actions You Can to Use:

  • Click to Link in Bio to...

  • Follow the Link to Shop

  • Click Here to...

  • Subscribe Below

  • Comment on this Post

  • Save this post for Later

  • Like this Post

  • Double tap now

  • Tag a friend

  • Share this post

  • Send us a DM

  • Reach out to us now

  • Link this Post

  • Follow us now for...

  • Go To (WebsiteAddress) for/to...

  • Call or email us for more information

CTAs are effective tools to include in your social media postings. What you should take away from this blog article is to always have a clear objective in mind for what you want to achieve with your content and to choose your call-to-action based on that aim. Use 1-2 CTAs every post and make them stand out from the rest of the caption. Finally, remember that this is what social media should be about.

Feeling stuck on where to even start with Instagram posts and call to actions? Reach out to us now or take a look at our social media management packages. We'd love to help you increase your engagement and leads generated from social media sites!


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