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Who is Your Ideal Wedding Couple?

What type of wedding couple is your ideal client? If you answered "Everyone" we suggest refining your answer and narrowing it down further. It is impossible to be everything for everyone so rather than market to the masses we propose you find your niche and expand from there!

Determining Your Ideal Wedding Client

The first step in booking your dream wedding couple is to make a list of the types of brides and grooms you'd like to work with. With a clear understanding of your ideal client, you'll be able to not only target them specifically with your content messaging, but you'll also be able to create a brand for your online presence that they'll be drawn to.

Examples of Potential Ideal Client Types

  1. The Luxury Couple - Luxury couples have refined tastes and value high levels of customization in all wedding aspects. The couples are mostly concerned with how the wedding is felt, lived and enjoyed.

  2. The Sustainable Couple - The sustainable couples are most concerned with working with vendors who share their green practices and ideologies.

  3. The Destination Couple - Couples planning a destination wedding value vendors who are geographically knowledgeable and can provide seamless virtual planning and communication.

The most important thing to remember when identifying your ideal wedding client is to be authentic to who you are and what type of consumer fits best with your business. Through authentic connections and understanding your ideal client you will be able to position your brand and out perform competitors in your same market segment.

Contact us for a brand audit for more insight into what types of couples you're currently appealing to and what steps you can take to attract clients who fit your ideal wedding couple profile!


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